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DeDistance is a wearable device for employees. If they breach the 2m social distancing bubble the device will sound an alarm and flash until the social distance is re-established.

DeDistance helps to keep employees outside the 'contact' zone. It is unlikely that they will need to isolate if their colleagues test positive with the Coronavirus.

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DEBLUR is developing the Digital Blue Badge that will make it easier for Blue Badge holders to travel by car into Low Emission Zones, Clean Air and Congestion Charging Zone whilst reducing misuse. This project is sponsored by Transport Scotland.

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Accept Adventures! Go on Quests! Share Local Experiences!

QuestNative is a mobile game encouraging tourists and locals to explore Scotland.

DEBLUR’s concept for an app that gamifies traveling around Scotland won prizes at the Edinburgh Tourism Innovation Challenge Hackathon. QuestNative is currently under development so you can sign up for updates.

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DEBLUR offers leadership for new businesses and products. We know how to find, integrate and make technology serve all stakeholders. We make technology understandable and to work for you.

DEBLUR can help with:

  • Software languages: React Native, C, C++, Python, Swift, PHP, Xamarin, Java
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS
  • Web technologies: AppSync, Docker, HTML5, Bootstrap, Node.js, AngularJS
  • Virtualisation: Amazon AWS, KVM, VMware vSphere and Workstation Player
  • Amazon AWS: Setup and optimisation for ECS, EC2, ELB, IAM, S3, RDS, etc.

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We are a technology company in Edinburgh, Scotland. DEBLUR helps organisations strengthen what they do every day, can help you to discover your next opportunity and support you with your future growth. Everyone needs a helping hand or a second independent view from time-to-time. DEBLUR helps your vision become clear.

DEBLUR provides project management, process optimisation, software development, computer vision and eye-tracking solutions in Medical Devices, Telecoms, Internet Technologies and Defence.


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